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Students interested to pursue two year MBA program should undergo a common entrance test at state level, the I-CET which is conducted every year. Candidates from diverse fields such as Arts, Commerce, Natural Science, Mathematics and Engineering take this test to prove their general aptitude and analytical skills.

The two year full time Masters of Business Administration is divided into 4 semesters of study. This course is designed to develop analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills of students and reflect the management realities prevailing in Industry.

The world has become increasingly information sensitive with a need for all managers to be able to incorporate vast amount of information for their administrative work. The program also envisages this corporate reality.

During the four terms of study, students take required core courses plus electives in one of the functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Systems. The course is designed also to offer a balanced perspective that leads to an understanding of the interrelationships of all the management functions.

In addition to the academic schedule, the students are exposed to co-curricular and extra curricular activities like Seminars, Debates and activities which increase social awareness in corporate community.

The Role of MBA Graduates in contemporary Industry

o To improve the company’s performance.

o To motivate and direct towards a better work culture.

o To realize that there has to be a better way.

o To believe that Company will get what they give to their Employees.

o A desire to give something back to the employees.

The Objective:
The objective of this program is to enable the aspirants to
o Understand the socio-economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern societies and their characteristic values

o Acquire the prevailing state-of-art knowledge and skills in the basic disciplines and functional areas of management

o Develop analytical and innovative ideas and skills to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational systems

o Develop values and proactive attitudes for well being of society.

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